Court Reporting

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What is Court Reporting?

Simply put, Court Reporting (also known as Stenography) is the production of a word-for-word, transcript of the legal proceedings in a courtroom or a deposition.

More specifically, the reporter listens and writes shorthand notes on a steno machine and then these notes are translated by computer software into English. The reporter then takes the rough transcript and edits and proofreads it before printing a final transcript. This final transcript then becomes part of the official record for the court and lawyers to use and reference during the trial.

By attending NYCI as a Court Reporting student, you will first learn how to break down the English language phonetically and then apply it to the steno machine. At the same time, you will also take classes in English and Grammar, Legal and Medical Terminology, and Courtroom Procedures – just to name a few. Once you’ve learned the phonetic theory, you will then begin to build speed on the steno machine until you reach a working speed of 225 words per minute.

225 words per minute – sounds fast. Well, it is. But that’s why this career is in such great demand and why there is also the potential for earning a high income. The salaries for Court Reporters in New York are among the highest in the country.

At NYCI, we have excellent job placement. Actually, many of our Court Reporting students have job offers before they even graduate from school! For additional information regarding other career paths for trained Court Reporters, see the section on “Career Opportunities”.

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