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Dennis Byrns
The President

Program Transition Partnership with Plaza College  






I write to inform you of very significant changes to come that will affect all faculty, staff, and students of New York Career Institute (NYCI).

For the past few years, NYCI has been exploring options to merge with another college to ensure a secure future for our students.  Fortunately, we have been able to work out a strategic partnership with Plaza College, located in Queens, which has a long history of offering both two and four year degrees.   We have been working alongside the New York State Education Department to ensure a smooth transition of operations to Plaza.  I am pleased to say that Plaza now has all program approvals for NYCI programs (Court Reporting, Paralegal, etc.).

Therefore, effective May 2017, NYCI will be moving all operations to Plaza College.  So to be clear, this will be the final trimester for students, staff, and faculty at the Manhattan campus of NYCI. 

Serving Our Students / Completing Your Program

The academic and financial well-being of our students is our primary concern.   By choosing Plaza as our partner, you will have the opportunity to (i) continue in your same program of study (Court Reporting, Paralegal, or Medical) at Plaza College and graduate by the same anticipated graduation date, or (ii) transfer into one of Plaza’s other programs (Business Administration, Accounting and Information Systems, Registered Medical Assisting, Health Information Technology, etc.).  In addition, each student will now have the opportunity to continue on for their Bachelor Degree as Plaza College offers a unique completion degree to graduates of Associate Degree programs!

With respect to student finances and tuition, NYCI and Plaza College have arranged to ensure that your tuition will remain steady, without any increase, through the completion of the program in which you are currently enrolled.  Additionally, Plaza College has established a $250,000 scholarship fund to help students in the event that you wish to change your program, continue on for your bachelor degree, or otherwise experience a shortfall in financial aid.

Familiar Faces / New Campus

As part of this partnership agreement, various members of NYCI Faculty and Administration will be relocating to Plaza College as well.  From our specialized programmatic faculty, to our financial and career services team members, you will see familiar faces at Plaza’s new campus in May.  They will be assigned to helping make your transition smooth, assist you in completing your certificate/degree, and coaching you to get the job you want/deserve.


Next Steps

We realize that you will have many questions, and concerns about what this means for you and your educational pursuits.  To address this, Plaza College is hosting a NYCI Student Welcome Day so that our students can learn more about the new partnership, discover the benefits of your new campus, and provide you with answers to all of your questions.  The Welcome Day sessions will be held at Plaza’s Queens Campus.  Please check your email for dates/times.  Refreshments will be served.  If you have additional questions, here are a few resources:

  • Please read the attached FAQ which may address many of your concerns
  • NYCI has established a hotline where you can reach us from 9am – 6pm with any additional questions that you may have at (212) 962-0002 ext. 201
  • Email your questions to us at helpme@nyci.edu

I look forward to personally helping each student making this transition as comfortable as possible.

Yours Truly,

Dennis Byrns


Frequently Asked Questions

Program Transition Partnership with Plaza College

Why did NYCI choose Plaza College?

We chose to partner with Plaza College because of their long history of offering two and four year programs and commitment to students.  Here are a few facts about Plaza College:

Regional Accreditation – Plaza College is regionally accredited through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.  Regional Accreditation is the hardest to achieve and the most universally accepted type of accreditation.

History of Helping Students – Plaza College just celebrated their 100th Anniversary.  Plaza has a robust Student Services and Student Life platform to help you transition into your new home.

Low Cost Education – Like NYCI, Plaza College is one of the most reasonably priced private colleges in New York City. In fact, Plaza will not increase your current tuition before you graduate!

Convenient Location – Located in Forest Hills, Queens, Plaza College is mere steps from the E and F express subway lines, a short walk from the LIRR, and has a variety of express and local bus routes directly in front of their campus.

Discounted Student Parking – Plaza College students can park directly underneath the college campus for a discounted all-day rate.  Additionally, student financial aid may be used to help you afford parking!

Friday Night / Weekend Classes – Many of you have asked, and now you may able to attend class on Friday Night and Saturdays.

Beautiful New Campus – Plaza’s campus was newly reconstructed in 2014 and has brand new classrooms and learning facilities, computer labs, library and academic support services, advanced medical labs, a private student dining café, and 10,000 square feet of beautiful outdoor space.  In addition, Plaza is in the process of adding a brand new floor, which will be opening May 2017!

Do I still take classes at NYCI and when exactly is the NYCI campus closing?

All NYCI students with schedules for the Spring Trimester (January 11th through April 18th) are still going to come to our downtown campus at 11 Park Place.  The NYCI campus will close in May of 2017 and all students will then attend classes at Plaza’s Queens Campus.

I checked out Plaza’s website, I don’t see my program in their catalog.  What does this mean?

Plaza College has obtained special permission from New York State Education Department to offer the exact same programs as NYCI.  They may not yet be listed in their catalog, but they will be soon.  A list of programs available for transfer, including your current program, will be available with your academic advisors soon.

When do classes begin at Plaza College?

Classes at Plaza begin on May 3, 2017.  

What happens if I was planning to take the summer off, like a summer recess?

That is not a problem. Plaza has agreed to hold all students who elect to take a summer recess in a positive status so that your education will not be jeopardized. Plaza staff will be happy to assist you in registering for Fall 2017 classes, due to start in September.

What happens if I don’t want to transfer to Plaza?

If you do not wish to transfer to Plaza, you are free to transfer elsewhere and NYCI will help you by making sure you receive official copies of your transcript, and the receiving institution of your choice receives a copy as well.

What is going to happen to my student academic record?

Plaza College has agreed to maintain your academic history (college transcript) and it will be available there after May 2017.  We will be making their contact information for future academic inquiries available on our website at the appropriate time.

Will I have to travel to Plaza College for my remaining classes? What if I’m not able to?

Yes, beginning in May 2017, Plaza College’s campus will become your own. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to make the commute to this exciting new location, NYCI will personally meet with you to discuss transportation considerations.

Are NYCI faculty and staff transitioning to Plaza College, as well?

Of course the wellbeing of our students is our primary concern, but our wonderful, dedicated staff and faculty have not been forgotten! Many NYCI professors and staff members will be going along with you to Plaza College.

How will my Financial Aid, Loans and Scholarships be affected?

During the next few weeks, NYCI administrators will begin scheduling individual counseling sessions with each student.  During this meeting, we will discuss the financial aid and loans you have used at NYCI thus far.

How will I get my class schedule at Plaza – do I have to do it myself?

For students who elect to transfer to Plaza College, NYCI will be meeting with you to individually schedule your courses needed to graduate from your program of study.

I have more questions…

If you have additional questions, NYCI has established a hotline where you can reach us from 9am – 6pm with any additional questions that you may have (212) 962-0002 ext. 201. Additionally, please feel free to email us helpme@nyci.edu.



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